CALIBIX, is the fastest and the most accurate biomechanical system in the world. Absolutely objective, there is no space to subjective or wrong interpretations. Using it we will get the most efficient position in road, mountain or triathlon bikes.

♦ It identifies the best size of de bike and the size of the different parts (handlebar, cranks, seat, stem…) for each cyclist.

♦ It allows to realize a biomechanical analysis, for road, BTT and triatlón cyclist in a objetive and precise way.

♦ It is able to clone different bikes with pinpoint accuracy.

It has been defined by the most developed biomechanical studies which angles are the most important ones to obtain an optimal position on the bike:

Trough mathematical theories based on the anthropometric proportionality of the cyclist, CALIBIX, determinates in a quick and efficient way the optimal distances and angles between the seat and the pedal sprocket as well as the handlebar and the pedal sprocket. CALIBIX, offers the maximum accuracy in all measures of the bike and obtains the most efficient and confortable position of road, mountain or triathlon cyclist. Scientifically tested in the engineering department of the public University of Navarra and the physiotherapy department of the University of Valladolid. It is the biomechanical system over a bigger and bigger quantity of UCI-PROTOUR professional cyclists are trusting.

CALIBIX, is manufactured exclusively under license by the designer, patented system.